This idea started a long time ago with a growing awareness that the world is becoming more divided and isolated. Friendships were growing further apart and people were reporting more and more loneliness.

As I read more about this in news articles and social research and from the great people at the Center for Humane Technology, I realised that there was something that I could do. It might not help everyone, but if it helps some people get to know their existing friends better and strengthen community bonds, then it’s worth doing.

For some more detail about how this idea came about, and how it was made, you could check out the blog post introducing Droppin.

Who are we?

At the moment, just one British guy from a humanities background who went to the Big 4 finance world for a while but wanted to make a bigger difference. Hi, my name is Tim and I’d love to hang out.

A picture of Tim

We’ll see how this project goes in these early stages, and then the next thing to do will be to form a board.